What you think vs What is real.


Web Developer Career Path

A look into how a Multi-Layered Perception performs its feedforward.

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“Deep Learning is the new Electricity”. ~ Andrew NG

Artificial Neural Network

Deep Learning

A quick intro to the topic.

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Deep Learning

Let’s discuss what is it!

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Deep Learning

Let’s discuss why!

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Deep Learning

A guide to tuning your Hyper Parameters to get the best accuracy.

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Deep Learning

Adapting your Learning Rate Parameter with time can make a huge difference! Let’s see how.

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Deep Learning

This is used to speed up Gradient Descent.

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Deep Learning

Use this to enhance your Deep Learning models!

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‘Regularization is any modification we make to a learning algorithm that is intended to reduce its generalization error but not its training error.’ ~ Ian GoodFellow

Deep Learning

Use this optimization to speed up your training!

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Not everything is as it seems.

Exponentially Weighted Averages

Danyal Jamil

Machine Learning Enthusiast | Student

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