• Wanchai Kodmechai

    Wanchai Kodmechai

    Senior Software Engineer (Team Lead) and AI Enthusias

  • Cagn CRM

    Cagn CRM

  • Monica Reinhard

    Monica Reinhard

    Proofreader. Writer. Storyteller. Lifelong learner. I experience the world through words. I travel through time and space by turning pages.

  • Nalin Sharma

    Nalin Sharma

  • Kate Mackay

    Kate Mackay

    Tech enthusiast, EdTech advocate, science teacher, 360 amature photographer, part-time writer and full-time learner.

  • vitonzhang


    Coder At Beijing. Maybe open a company in the next ten years.

  • Diego Salinas

    Diego Salinas

    Python Programmer. Poker Player. Pokemon Poacher. Pranks Practitioner. Probability Prayer. Plenty of Possibilities…

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