Just Finished a Paid Career Path, Am I a Web Developer Now?

What you think vs What is real.

Danyal Jamil
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So, 3 months ago, I woke up at 3 pm, earlier than usual, thinking about which movie to watch. Opened Facebook, saw some people posting about CodeCademy offering free Pro Memberships for Covid-19. Was kinda amazed and applied right away.

Web Developer Career Path

Now, after reading many reviews and articles, I decided that I’d study Web Development form the platform. Then, there were either courses that I’d have to enroll and complete or the whole Career Path. Not gonna lie, the career path seemed like a ton of work in the start but I eventually made up my mind to go for that rather than to manually choose what to study. Also, I feel like its easier when someone does the tough job for you i.e. The curriculum-making, etc. So, as y’all would’ve guessed, I decided to go with the Career Path.

Ah, shit!

Well, the Curriculum starts off easy peasy, with HTML. I was like ‘HTML, dat easy!’, and it was. But along the way, I kinda started getting the gist of the platform, i.e. you read one line, write four. It became cool to practice the concepts right after learning about them.

It was all pieces of cakes until I reached to JavaScript.


Now, nothing so special about this, but the Whole Curriculum consists of 7 modules of Javascript out of 14.

For discussing the reason, let’s talk about Js now. Web Development is mainly Front End & Back End.

Front End is the part that we, the users, see and interact with and Back End being the one with which we, the developers, interact. ‘What role Js plays in’ you might ask, so, lemme tell y’all that React.js is considered to be the best Front End Library to be used. And what do you think the ‘js’ means in the name? C’mon, give it a try!..




Tried? ‘JavaScript’, is that what you say? Damn! you’re intelligent.


Let’s switch to Back End. The language taught for Back End on the platform is Node.js. There’s also SQL, but that’s just for making changes to the data. And what is ‘js’ in Node.js? — Bruh! what you doing, Einstein. — Yeah, exactly what you think, JavaScript! YAY.

Also, I must mention here that I feel like JavaScript deserves the attention given to it. Because C’mon, you won’t like a website with shows a picture of a rock, paper, and scissors, YOU WANT TO PLAY THAT! So, for the website to — :

  • Get your click
  • Decide what to do
  • Respond back
  • basically, THINK!

— it requires JavaScript. JavaScript is like the brain of the Web Dev. It makes the website feel stuff i.e. your click, hovering, etc. It also makes the website decide on its own what to do if a certain action is undertaken i.e. OnClick(), onActive(), etc. But this is just for the Front End, talking about Back End, Boi, its Js everywhere.

Enough with the Career Path talk. Let’s talk business.


Firstly, let me tell you all that it took me 3 months to see the 100% mark. Countless all-nighters, stressful coding sessions, feeling like killing myself, but here we are, through all the thick and thin, we here.

Certificate BABAYYYYYYY!

Okay, enough of this BS, what I truly believe is that the Curriculum pays much lesser heed to the Back End Stuff as compared to how much it pays towards Front End. To give you an insight, 10 modules are dedicated to Front End and 4 to Back End. They must increase the content of Node.js or any other Back end library/framework in the curriculum because C’mon, there must a balance or else just call it ‘Front End Developer’.

Also, the Projects! Boi of Boi were they —

var interruption = [‘A pain in the *’, ‘The best thing on the platform!’];

— So, Projects aye? Lemme give it a heading.


There were a total of 77 Projects in the Career Path.


Honestly, the Projects are the best thing that is present. That is because some of them really, when I say ‘really’ I mean it, challenging. Let’s take some of the biggest Projects:

Need to see all my Projects? Hop onto Github.

And completing this many projects, you tend to pick up a thing or two. But the project I want to boast on is Sound Clone. But before I show you the project, tell me, ‘do you like this? →


← And Songs? If you answered ‘yes’, congratulations mate! you belong to a species called Human Beings, who tend to pull each other’s legs for their good. And now, you may want to visit this Repository or the Website itself. If you like the idea, give it a like, it’s free!

Serious Talk

Now, that I’ve mentioned Web Development several times to get high scores on the SEO chart. Let’s talk about what I can conclude and what you can learn from me.


I know those 77 projects sound like a ton deal but trust me, 20–30 of those are a joke and at-most 15 are those which actually challenge you to the bare bottom. And in my opinion, those are the ones which actually make you learn stuff. Despite the fact that I’ve studied this all for 3 months, have written thousands of lines of code in this short span but I still feel like I lack the knowledge’s implementation.

Lack of Implementation

First, let me tell you how the projects on the platform work. All the projects are designed to test certain knowledge and they do. But doing the code when you’re told each and every line, is not really coding! I feel like, all the projects did was that I’d now read any text more attentively and would follow documentation more closely. Now, I know Documentation is important to know about and following them, as compared to watching youtube videos is considered a better coding practice but Boi, you kidding me?. Telling me each and every line I have to write won’t improve my coding skills. Now, I know people who have taken courses at CodeCademy would say ‘They don’t tell us about all the lines.’ But consider these two:

  • ‘Write a function that returns the maximum number from an array.’


  • ‘Write an integer returning function which would take an array as the parameter, you need to iterate over the array and save the maximum number into a new variable and then return it.’

See? I know some people would say that the second one is better, but in the real world, the companies, your boss won’t use that sentence, rather her secretary would use the first sentence.

And I feel like this is the thing which will keep us, the course students, from becoming confident in programming, because if we get used to being told each and every step that we need to do, we won’t be confident in doing anything from our own. For example, let’s suppose I’m asked the same task as above i.e. to find the max out of array. Now, these questions will be my enemies:

  • Do I get the array’s size/length as a parameter?
  • Do I have to iterate over the whole array or can I use any built-in method/function?
  • Batman vs Superman?
  • Do I need to create a new variable or splice all the numbers lower than the maximum number? (ik, very noob)
  • Why use a function? use the Math.max() function instead.

— etc. These are some of the questions that I’ll have to face and I, who never choose between such options, will get confused.


So, to conclude, this is my opinion on these Career Paths. Tell me if you disagree and share your opinion in the comments below. I’d love to read it!

Also, if you’re doing the career path and are stuck somewhere, feel free to check out my Github Repo.

Let’s connect! Linkedin.

Happy Learning. =D



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